Letter from the President of the Borough

071.3 - Ohiopyle Low Bridge - 076-2
071.1 - Ohiopyle Station - 040-2

Welcome to Beautiful Ohiopyle

The Ohiopyle Borough Council welcomes you to experience our home, Ohiopyle, uniquely situated with Ohiopyle State Park. Ohiopyle Borough is known for its natural recreational wonder(s) and hospitality as a global destination.

Whether you are a biker on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail, hiker on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT), white water boater on the lower Yough, or a day venturer, Ohiopyle offers diverse creative, cultural, and recreational experiences for all visitors.

The Borough’s backyard consists of trails, overlooks and experiences which can challenge a person’s ability on a mountain bike, kayak, or leave personal reflections from a vista upon Sugarloaf. One finds themselves observing a self appreciation through the natural resources offered.

The Borough is flanked by two of Frank Lloyd Wrights houses, Fallingwater, and Kentuck Knob. These represent the architects mid-life apogee and his later-in-life career, respectively. Each Wright house brings visitors from global destinations, all sharing the same commonality — a stop-over, whether for an afternoon or a night, within the Borough of Ohiopyle. Eating at one of our restaurants or spending the night at one of the many bed and breakfast rentals, Ohiopyle gives an everlasting memory to travelers.

As President, I am focused on creating economic development and self agency through the process of governmental transparency and an open dialogue. The Borough Council, sitting five members, share a common goal of moving Ohiopyle into the next chapter in its history.

Welcome to Ohiopyle and take home some great memories.


Conrad Hamather
President, Borough of Ohiopyle

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